Thank you for your interest

As you can see, we aren't quite finished with our web site, but we hope that you will be interested enough to contact us.

TCPSYS is a european technical consultancy that provides all manner of technical help to software manufacturers, distributors and resellers. We do not have a raft of sales people and we do not transact product licences, but even though we are technical at heart we do understand sales cycles, qualification and why people buy.

Our approach is to form strategic relationships with software authors, their distributors or resellers and act as if we were a member of their staff. Along with providing all the normal things like product installation and (pre/post-sales) support, we've also got a lot of experience recruiting and leading project teams.

We have highly experienced consultants who have worked in similar roles as well as for end-users, so we know what happens on both sides of the fence and are comfortable dealing at all levels within your customer-base from end-user helpdesk staff, right up to board-level directors. We understand how systems and nets work together and can articulate concepts in a manner relevant to the audience.

Maybe you are a US-based software company looking for someone in Europe to install and support your products, if so you should contact us. Or perhaps you are a reseller or distributor looking for skills that you don't already have within your company.

We might be the virtual technical team that you are looking for, either way let us know what you are looking for and we will see if we can help.